The world’s first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser.


Forget carrying extra key fobs, disarm your motor using the original buttons already in your car. Secure your motor the smart way.
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Car theft is back on the rise, its easier for thieves to steal vehicles with tools easily purchased online. Thieves can now clone keys, program new keys through the OBD port and easily pick up a keyless key signal using a mini dish which relays the key signal to second person standing next to the car, the latter can take less than 10 seconds.

The Ghost by Autowatch is the world’s first immobiliser that secures your vehicle without having to carry any extra key fobs. The Ghost immobiliser is connected directly in to the vehicles Can Data Network and will not allow the engine to start until a secret pin code is entered, the pin code is entered by using a combination of the vehicle’s original buttons on the steering wheel, door card or dash.
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Packed full of features

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The Ghost Immobiliser will stop the engine from starting until you enter your unique code


Engine start will still be blocked even if the ECU is swapped with a preprogrammed ECU.


The Ghost immobiliser will stop the engine from starting even with the original key


Temporarily disables the Ghost Immobiliser, automatically rearms when a certain criteria is met.


If your key is cloned the engine will not start until your unique code sequence is entered


The Ghost Immobiliser is undetectable via any diagnostic equipment including the dealer’s.


Advanced equipment can be used to amplify your key signal and gain access to your vehicle, engine start will still be blocked by the Ghost Immobiliser.


The Ghost Immobiliser doesn’t emit any type signal, unlike many other systems such as trackers. Such devices can be found and removed easily by using a “Magic Wand”.

Here's How it works

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Why Us?

With Over 100 years of combined experience, our staff are well experienced and have got the know how.
DBS Checked (CRB)
All our fitters are DBS checked every 3 years for your peace of mind. Formerly referred to as CRB.
Fixed Address
We have been at our current address since 1995. You have the comfort of knowing we're not going anywhere.
We Fit Anywhere
We can fit at your place, on the street outside your office or you can come to us.


What is Service/Valet Mode?
The service or valet mode allows you to temporarily disable the ghost immobiliser. It’s perfect for when you’re handing your car in to a garage, car wash or for a long stay car park.

The Ghost Immobiliser will automatically rearm if the vehicle gets driven over 30mph for 15 minutes, the next time someone attempts to start the vehicle it will be immobilised.

You can rearm the Ghost Immboliser manually by simply entering your secret code at any time.
Who or What is TASSA?
Autowatch Ghost Immobilisers are now TASSA (Tracker and Aftermarket security systems association) Approved. TASSA is an aftermarket vehicle security governing body. The Ghost Immobiliser successfully passed all the stringent tests set by TASSA and is now recognised by insurance comapnies.
Can I set my own code?
Yes, and we encourage it, after the installation we will show you how to change the code and which buttons you can use. We’ll also give you a booklet with instructions on how to change your code, how to put the vehicle in to valet mode etc.

Available buttons are different for every model and dependent on the equipment available on your vehicle such as cruise control and paddle shifters.

We can give you a pretty good idea on which buttons will be available for your model just contact us.
What is Gearbox Lock & Engine Stall
On supported Automatic Vehicles we can program the Ghost Immobiliser to allow the engine to start and stall the engine when a gear is selected.

The Engine Stall feature is the default setting we can easily change it to Gearbox Lock for you if the vehicle supports it.
Does the Ghost Immobiliser Void my warranty?
Simple answer is no. The Ghost Immobiliser does not void your warranty. Its always best to ask your dealer anyway just to get some reassurance.
Whats the difference between Ghost I & Ghost II
Simple answer is not much, we still have Ghost I fitted to our personal vehicles and don’s see the need in switching.

The Ghost I is now obsolete, the Ghost II now supports 2 phones for Bluetooth pairing and supports more models.

You wont hear MK Motors mention the bluetooth pairing feature unless you ask, thats because we don’t recommend it. You could easily leave your phone in the car and the app will disarm the Ghsot Immobiliser

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